Energy Saving Tip by Gorilla: Check your tire pressure once a month

Check your tire pressure once a month by gorilla


Check your tire pressure once a month

You can improve your gas mileage by 0.6% on average—up to 3% in some cases—by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage by about 0.2% for every 1 psi drop in the average pressure of all tires. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer.

The proper tire pressure for your vehicle is usually found on a sticker in the driver's side door jamb or the glove box and in your owner's manual. Do not use the maximum pressure printed on the tire's sidewall.


Tire pressure gauge


Climate change is of growing concern to the long-term prospects of the survival of gorillas, especially due to the potential for climatic changes to drive vegetation shifts that may render its range less favorable for gorillas over time. Gorillas are also vulnerable to a changing climate because of a low reproductive rate, the spread of diseases, and small population with their range highly restricted.